n. The total of a bill in a place of business, usually when the bill is large. Probably came from the situation where someone wrecks the place and offers to pay for any damage.
Patron: What's the damage?
Waiter: Three bills.
by fizzle April 11, 2004
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An intense example of any negative physical or psychological factor in a given situation.
1. That (game) level gave me so much damage.
2. God, that Sue, she gives me maximum damage when she talks.
by Estookay April 27, 2003
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slang for problem or deal.Often used in fights
KP says:God whats maddie's damage?
Molly says:I dont kno, shes the one who called u a slut
Maddie says:My damage is that ur mean :'(
by Tibitz March 27, 2005
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damage: exclamation. Energetic exclamation expressed in the presence of amazing or felicitous things and events, referring to neuronal damage (brain overload) occurring during exposure to the object of admiration.
He cried "Damage!" in an exalted state of utter amazement.
by Marcus Macdonald May 21, 2008
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your friend just got the latest video game : 'that shits the damage!'

A very attractive lady walks past : 'omg, she's the damage'
by sandbags May 27, 2007
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Damaging is an adjective; it means causing physical damage or having a detrimental effect on someone or something. So if someone is given the cold shoulder or sent to Coventry it can be damaging to their health and well-being. If someone is given a smack in the chops for no reason, this can affect their emotional well-being as well as being physically damaging.
Malcolm’s temperamental bullshit is extremely damaging to both the project and his co-workers.
by AKACroatalin August 22, 2016
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