Really shitty.
Fucked up.
Rotten, spoiled.
Not right, psychologically.
Man, that blowjob was foul, she bit my dick!
That motherfucker was one foul biatch.
I'm not buying that shit, it's foul!
by mark August 07, 2003
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absolutely repulsive beyond tangible words
The uncooked barbecue chicken salad gave me the most foul shits of my life.
by bishugotmefukedup February 29, 2016
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The filthiest of the filthy. Foul refers to the smell of a filthy bitch / slut / skank-ass slut / or filth-a-ka-bob. This is the nastiest of the nasty of reeks.
Shut your legs, you're making this room smell foul you slut!
by Jake July 06, 2004
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Foul: a foul horse is a kind if fruit which can't be seen in moonlight. It uses gasoline and is rather dangerous. Trees are green anyway and the bike is at home.
caution!!! a foul horse is free!!!
by DonPr June 25, 2010
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Something that is just incredible, basically to good to be true, amazing, on. So good it's foul.
That was such a funny and foul kid.
That is a foul jacket, love it.
You're foul, the foulest person I've ever met, marry me!
by Cultured,whatofit September 09, 2010
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'Foul' can also be used as a positive adjective.
e.g.'Those trainers are totally foul, dude', meaning 'Those trainers are really rather cool'.
by Dave Davidson December 26, 2003
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To be deceitful intentionally knowing your actions will most likely cause negative reactions yet the "foul" selfish person does the deed regardless of anyone else's feelings.
Tiffany only went to graduation with my brother to hurt me. That bitch is always doin some foul ass shit!
by Sis Lord November 03, 2018
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