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To be annoyed, pissed, or frustrated. (A more extreme version of being salty)
Mehdi: What's wrong Nick?
Nick: I'm pulpy as hell because these girls won't hop off, ya know?
by UPINOver November 13, 2011
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A Yahoo chatter that looks eerily like an insurgent. If you look up, you might see a pulpy grinning from the cockpit of a jet headed straight for a tall building. Mullet-headed, breath reeking of cous cous and another man's asshole. With a flick of his hip he can yap on his mic which he keeps securely stapled to his cockend about the most mundane topic.
pulpfiction0704 pulpy uFester pulpy-like
by The Upper Class February 09, 2005
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The art of pornography is considered pulpy by some.

She wore a pulpy skirt.

The magazine had many pulpy images.
by big rome December 04, 2007
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A sex position where instead of 69 for example, it's 99. The name comes from orange juice because orange juice is sexy.
"Dude, I totally banged that chic last night"
"Ya, pulpy, 99, all the way"
"Dude no way"
by pulpylover99 May 14, 2018
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