A measurable state of awareness about what's happening in the world.
Tim has a wokeness level of 9 out of 10; he can always cite important events and their context in what is happening in the world.
by Jean Ember April 14, 2017
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As a result of Amy's wokeness, nobody wants to be around her any more.
by HedOfRed June 10, 2018
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Woke Willy: Believe women and empower women. Don't believe women and empower rapists.
Skeptical Sammy: Your wokeness is showing.
by Fata Morgana May 15, 2019
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A postmodern version of being "born-again" where an individual is hyper-vigilant of magic transgressions in human dignity because they're painfully unaware of secretly being deeply ashamed of how life is not fucking them hard enough.
"Dude! Your speech about our duty to manifest our intersectional consciousness to promote equal outcomes, was such profound wokeness! I'm totes going to burn my bra right now before heading back to the safe space for some gender neutral polyamory!"
by TheZooofRekt July 29, 2020
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a small southern town, with about 62,000 inhabitants, is actually not as shit as the 2nd description.
cinema, pool in the park, 25 min train journey to LDN, supermarkets, shopping centre, theatre, colleges and schools are some of the greaaaat attractions.
yess, populated by a lot of chavs, but there are other subcultures within this town.

1: "where do you live?"
2: "wokinggg"
1: "ohh sick, its pretty cool there"
by artgeek March 18, 2009
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When this term became popularized, initially the meaning of this term was when an individual become more aware of the social injustice. Or basically, any current affairs related like biased, discrimination, or double-standards.

However, as time passed by, people started using this term recklessly, assigning this term to themselves or someone they know to boost their confidence and reassure them that they have the moral high grounds and are fighting for the better world. And sometimes even using it as a way to protect themselves from other people's opinion, by considering the 'outsider' as non-woke. While people that are in line with their belief as woke. Meaning that those 'outsiders' have been brainwash by the society and couldn't see the truth. Thus, filtering everything that the 'outsider' gives regardless whether it is rationale or not.

And as of now, the original meaning is slowly fading and instead, is used more often to term someone as hypocritical and think they are the 'enlightened' despite the fact that they are extremely close-minded and are unable to accept other people's criticism or different perspective. Especially considering the existence of echo chamber(media) that helped them to find other like-minded individuals, thus, further solidifying their 'progressive' opinion.
1st paragraph
"Damn bro, I didn't realize racism is such a major issue in our country! I'm a woke now!"

2nd paragraph
"I can't believe this. How are they so close-minded? Can't they see just how toxic our society is? The solution is so simple, yet they refused to change! I just don't understand!"

3rd paragraph
"Fatphobic?! Misogyny?! What's wrong with preferring a thin woman?! And she is morbidly obese for god sake! Why should I be attracted to her?! Why should I lower myself while she refuse to better herself?! These woke people are a bunch of ridiculous hypocrite!"
by OneWhoShallNotBeName January 9, 2023
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Today there is a new definition of "woke". You might have woke your dog up when you opened that bag of chips, but he is not "woke" as it applies today. To be "woke" means you're now informed of things you did not know. You are not "in the dark" about other societies and cultures whose past has been edited and censored to make you think it wasn't as bad as it actually was.
You might consider yourself to be woke, but you could probably still learn a thing or two.
by timmmmber March 20, 2019
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