a small southern town, with about 62,000 inhabitants, is actually not as shit as the 2nd description.
cinema, pool in the park, 25 min train journey to LDN, supermarkets, shopping centre, theatre, colleges and schools are some of the greaaaat attractions.
yess, populated by a lot of chavs, but there are other subcultures within this town.

1: "where do you live?"
2: "wokinggg"
1: "ohh sick, its pretty cool there"
by artgeek March 18, 2009
When this term became popularized, initially the meaning of this term was when an individual become more aware of the social injustice. Or basically, any current affairs related like biased, discrimination, or double-standards.

However, as time passed by, people started using this term recklessly, assigning this term to themselves or someone they know to boost their confidence and reassure them that they have the moral high grounds and are fighting for the better world. And sometimes even using it as a way to protect themselves from other people's opinion, by considering the 'outsider' as non-woke. While people that are in line with their belief as woke. Meaning that those 'outsiders' have been brainwash by the society and couldn't see the truth. Thus, filtering everything that the 'outsider' gives regardless whether it is rationale or not.

And as of now, the original meaning is slowly fading and instead, is used more often to term someone as hypocritical and think they are the 'enlightened' despite the fact that they are extremely close-minded and are unable to accept other people's criticism or different perspective. Especially considering the existence of echo chamber(media) that helped them to find other like-minded individuals, thus, further solidifying their 'progressive' opinion.
1st paragraph
"Damn bro, I didn't realize racism is such a major issue in our country! I'm a woke now!"

2nd paragraph
"I can't believe this. How are they so close-minded? Can't they see just how toxic our society is? The solution is so simple, yet they refused to change! I just don't understand!"

3rd paragraph
"Fatphobic?! Misogyny?! What's wrong with preferring a thin woman?! And she is morbidly obese for god sake! Why should I be attracted to her?! Why should I lower myself while she refuse to better herself?! These woke people are a bunch of ridiculous hypocrite!"
by IAmOneWhoShallNotBeName January 9, 2023
Originally intended to mean "alert to civil rights issues" or "takes an enlightened approach to civil rights", its meaning has changed. It is now associated with adopting an obsessive, blinkered or deliberately obtuse approach to certain civil rights, particularly in relation to equality. It refers to an approach which is overall and on balance harmful to society, ignores context and counterpoints, and is ignorant of the wider ramifications of the position taken.

Under the pretense of being politically correct, the "woke" person is, ironically, asleep, in that they are ignorant of or unconcerned by the harms caused by their actions. Such harms may include:
• damage to freedom of expression and freedom of association
• the diminution of comedy, and artistic license in music, to the point that it becomes dull
• stifling of conversation
• fear of expressing an alternative opinion or calling out that which is evidently nonsense
• feelings of being browbeaten, helpless and living in a dystopian society
• diversion of societal focus away from more pressing issues affecting society
• the breakdown of language and societal structures
• discrimination and prejudice against others with particular characteristics - typically those who, in a particular location or organisation, are in a majority - under the guise of improving equality and acting on behalf of the minority.

The "woke" person may be acting in their own self-interests to achieve their own ends.
They is only one person, but they has a big effect on everyone around them. They's so woke that they can't function properly in life, it's hard to understand them, and even their friends can't keep track of their pronouns.

He's so woke that he's asleep.

Wokey dokey.
by peachxylophoneduck February 9, 2022
Spiritual and intellectual enlightenment, like waking up from a deep sleep and seeing things clearly for the first time.
I never knew what really mattered in life. Now I'm woke.
by JTWoke January 7, 2018
Being "woke" means to "be paying the fuck attention to what's going on, because if you don't, you'll get fucked over and left behind". Also, "get your fucking head out of the fucking sand, you fucking lame idiot. Life isn't all about getting high and getting laid. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!"
You better get woke, because before you know it, we'll all be speaking some bastardized form of Russian.
by nmichave December 21, 2016
An oxymoron term used to describe the many indoctrinated & radically left-wing people of today's world who are obsessed with jumping on whatever mainstream bandwagon is necessary to feel included, though ironically being the most intolerant and hypocritical people on the planet.

The irony is the term should be used if correctly to describe those who are 'awake' to the modern world however these people are so closed minded they cannot think critically, and are actually 'asleep.'
'Hey did you hear about Danny dying his hair green just to fit in at college?'

'Aw really!? Danny's gone woke!?'
by Llewelyn Dowd January 13, 2023
A view of the world not based on one’s own truth (i.e. standpoint epistemology), but grounded in data, reason, and universal principles.
I’m Not Woke. I agree racism exists and has caused disparities, but evidence doesn’t support it as the source for all inequality of outcome.
by DrCigol June 5, 2021