More than just the simple belief that divinity lies within all life equally, it is the personal experience of this. It is feeling this spirit that dwells in all life,"oneness", that turns this belief into a personal knowing.
Your inner state of being that was present as young a child but lost around the age of 2 or 3. This inner quality found joy from within, laughed endlessly, and had wondered in awe of the world.... no worries or burden carried around as a result of the passage of time…enlightenment, the experience can be measured by the depth and degree of inner peace.
by ClosertoNature April 27, 2011
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Name tag for the state in which the conceptual process separating experience into different bodies is extinguished. Viewpoint in which the usual plural differentiation between such things as here and there and self and other and mind and body and observer and observed has ceased to exist. State called oneness which is such that, for example, the sense organ which hears and that which is heard are no longer experienced as two seperate things.

I do not recommend doing drugs to facilitate this experience as even if you do the state will be temporary alongside the effects of the drugs, but the associated damage done and your confused state might be prolonged. Harmlessness amidst a normal experience is a better motivator than the rush for a superior experience.
I think therefore I am not one of enlightenment.
I see it therefore I am not yet one of enlightenment.
I experience it therefore I am not yet one of enlightenment.
My mind projects an invisible shell around me which seperates me from my environment therefore I cannot, as much as I would wish it, be yet enlightened.
Your experience is a puppet and you only are always pulling the strings.
by Jonny Random September 17, 2007
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1.a philosophical movement is 18th century Europe. Its most famous writer was the political theorist John Locke, whos writings influenced Jefferson and Franklin in their Revolutionary ideas. The enlightenemnt stressed that human beings should rely on God's gift to them, logic, and that theur world was very mechanical. Goes well with deism.
2. an epiphany
man 1"Oh my god! It just hit me"
man 2 "What"
man 1"i forgot to flush that toilet back in that memphis hotel"
by Demosthenes March 11, 2005
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A "Neo seeing code view in the matrix" moment in real life; specially juicy if done through tantra or guided shamanistic drug evenings, and the bonus you get for near-death experiences.
"Who said that? Oh my God. I am living my mother. Get me outta here!" Pop!
"aaaaah - if I shut up and think before I speak, I won't risk repeating what's she's said, and if I loosen up and fuck whoever I please without trendy value judgements ruining my merging experience I'll be a happier person"
by Kikio December 28, 2004
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"to make one understand" or to teach, just a fancier way of saying it.
I enlighten myself with urban dictionary phrases and slang, so that i may better enjoy myself by finding phrases for your every day nouns and adjectives and events, As well as some phrases in which i find unusable.

by Tonyisonfire March 21, 2007
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Someone who is well informed, without prejudices.

She's in enlightened state.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
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lightened up feeling u get pushing ur crap down the bottom of b̶o̶w̶e̶l̶s̶ things... outer eyes half open ...inner open full bore... peering thru some distant unknown.
X - Hey where u goin !?🤔
Y - Can't 🚶 ♂️🚶 ♂️hold this s̶h̶i̶t̶ enlightenment anymore. 🏃 ♂️🏃 ♂️🚶 ♂️🚶 ♂️
by Salle dicking around March 28, 2018
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