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To have a better understanding of consciousness you need to pay attention only to what is right here right now, in front of you. The present is not the now. The now is what is and is timeless. There is no need to be concerned with the remembered past or the anticipated future, they exist only as they are imagined. Disengage from time oriented thinking to free your self from needless worry and distratction from what is. Stay in the present moment.
by nvsk January 31, 2008
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The degree in which energy is aware of its properties, and other existing properties.
From a Hermetical view, this would be the proper definition of consciousness. Observe the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek.
by CoherentOne January 19, 2013
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That annoying time between naps. You slip in and out of it to order another drink.
My boss wacked me on the head and brought me back to consciousness.
by Quiet1 and Happy April 05, 2005
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1)The physically unidentified mechinism that is experience; the fondation of perception; the self; an entagible collection of data obtained by way of the senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, etc.).

The truth of conciousness is that no one knows what it is or were to look for it. The brain physically responds the same to actual experience, as it does to imagined experience, but the conscious mind is aware of the difference between the actual and imagined. The consciousness is opperating seperate form the brain. Perception tells us that the concious mind resides in our heads, but we can not identify it's physical location.
This brings us to quantum physics. I don't pretend to know anything about quantum physics, but there is this question of were atomic particals are going as they move in and out of existence, as they constently do. finally there is the fact that the large majority of space is vacum, including all of matter. Apparently matter is not as solid as it seems. Most of the volume of matter is the vacum (space) between the particals (constently comeing in and out of existence, sometimes seeming to be in two places at one time) that make up it's mass. Is consciousness the living vacum residing within these biochemical masses of matter?
The Consciousness is the gateway to god.
by Dirty Dustin October 22, 2006
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Latin: con scientia - with knowledge
individuality principle;
that which we are;
related expressions:
consciential (pertaining to the consciousness)
conscientiology (consciousness, science of); noetics; consciousness studies
projection of the consciousness (out-of-body experience)
altered state of consciousness (e.g. hypnagogic state)
by NelsonCA January 18, 2006
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Our five senses grant us consciousness. Our only perception of our existance in this physical world. If we lose our hearing, eyesite sensation of touch taste and smell what could we percieve? Would we physically exist? Science would say no. If we had only 4 senses our physical existance would likely be completly different (but only in the way we perceive it). Imagine if we had 6 senses, 7 senses how about 100? They would all be equally significant as the five we have now. Unimaginable by the human mind until they are experienced. (How could you articulate to a blind man what it's like to see? You could try, but in the end its just something you must experience.) How different would our universe "look" to us? Remember, there's more to this physical universe than we can understand. Some might ask the question, if there are other life forms far away in the universe (science would say that there are) how many senses do they posess? How much more advanced would they be than us? How much more fit for "survival" would their higher consciousness allow them to be?
Is full consciousness possible for any living being? We know it's not very likely for humans since we use only %10 of our brain capacity.
by Ecamsan007 February 28, 2009
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