a person who does not listen to any particualr type of music. They are not townies, moshers, goths, trendys or anything else, they just act like themselves instead of being fake and following a crowd.
original 1 : look at all those people over there
oringinal 2 : yeh they all look the same
by sammy November 20, 2004
To be the first to do something and or the best
I am the orgininotator
by Bengaman May 25, 2004
I'm certainly not.

I can't submit this without having twenty letters and three words, so here they are. Enjoy.
"Whatever you think my name is is not original."
by Hairdressing buffoon September 4, 2007
by wissamvii February 1, 2018
(noun) oh•rihJAInull: involving the vagina and the oral region (mouth)
bro... I had original sex for the first time last night...
by tresamigas October 8, 2018