A prime example of a "contagious" trend of overused verbage.
A young girl came into my shop the other day. She was all of six years old. EVERY (yes, no kidding) sentence that came out of her mouth began with the word "actually". It didn't matter what she was responding to.
Mom: "Ashely, what color would you like to paint that mug for Grandma?"
Ashely: "Actually, I think pink would be nice. Actually, no, maybe blue would be better".
Mom: "I think either would be great".
Ashely: "Actually, I think Grandma would actually like both colors together. Actually, maybe we could call her and ask what she would like more?"
Mom: "Well then it wouldn't be a surprise".
Ashely: "Actually, you're right. Actually I think I'll just use both colors".

Ok, so I'm probably very anal about this, but I found myself counting how many times the kid used the "A" word.
Gawd, I'm such a goober....
by Kaaren September 05, 2005
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The most overused adverb I've ever heard. Used by those whose vocabularies lack adverbs. How annoying.
Girl: Actually, it goes like this. You actually go to school, where you actually get to make out with this actually cute guy. Then you actually get to know his name, actually hook up with him on friendster... (ad infinitum)
by Chubod December 14, 2003
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This is a word that is typically used by a know it all just before they release a flood of complete and total bullshit on an unsuspecting victim. What follows is usually restated later by the victim as a "fact".
Me: hey my dog eats his own poop its so disgusting

Friend: Actually; its good for dogs to eat their own poop because it helps them maintain the healthy bacteria from their digestive tract.

Me: Oh......(does he seriously expect me to buy that load of bullsit?)
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
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The best way to interrupt a conversation you were eavesdropping on.
Examples of 'actually'

1. Bob - Ya the world is round due to scientific evidence & proof.

Paul - a c t u a l l y .

2. Child - Done all my homework, time to sit the frick down for 5 goddamn minutes to myself.

Surprise test - A C T U A L L Y .
by Rabiez.R January 21, 2019
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President Bush said, "The GO Zone Act ... is going to ... help support high school training that these Gulf Coast residents are going to need to fill the jobs which are actually going to be existing."
by xiv December 30, 2005
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the ultimate comeback for any direct insult on your person
your'e gay

No, your'e actually gay
by O:,' November 19, 2007
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Callsign used by a military commander or leader in radio chatter to indicate the acting commander is speaking instead of that platoons Radio Telephone Operator (RTO).

If command calls the platoon and requests "Hunter Two-One", they'll be hailing the unit Hunter Two-One, and will therefore speak to the RTO. If command calls for "Hunter Two-One Actual" they are requesting the acting commander of that unit, as opposed to the unit as a whole (and the RTO).
-"Hunter Two-One Actual. Come in, Hunter Two-One Actual."

-"This is Hunter Two-One."

-"No, not the RTO. Hunter Two-One ACTUAL. Just put the lieutenant on the line."
by Foxjohn February 01, 2010
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