Lebron acts woke about China, he just full of shiite.
by gmoochie October 15, 2019
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The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue
Yeah most people don't care about parking spaces for families with disabled pets. I wish they were woke like me.
by Vensamos May 16, 2018
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"Wokeness" occurs when a white, upper-class person pretends to hold opinions they imagine a black lower-class person might hold. The word itself is an incorrect tense of "awake" - referring to the perception that the black working class have a poor grasp of grammar.
The opinions that are simulated typically stem from a misunderstanding of the tendency for black working-class people to be slightly more economically left-wing and socially conservative than average - instead they are imagined to be socially left-wing, and often logically inconsistent.
"How woke are you? Take our quiz to find out, then give us your email address so we can send you adverts for kale smoothies"
by pseufonym123 May 21, 2019
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When you look at the simplest thing and call it racist because you want black people to be victims. Other minorities don't matter. - a black conservative
Liberal: Look at this white guy with dreads! Racist!
Smart Person: How is that racist? If anything you're racist for saying white people can't have dreads?
Liberal: I'm just woke! Conservatard! Nazi!
by RapistVapist July 25, 2020
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To be asleep and uncritically accept whatever nonsense social science professors dream up to advance Marxist goals. As with most liberal speak the meaning of the word is the opposite of the word's standard meaning.
He's so woke he doesn't know how many people the Marxist's killed in the 1900s.
by FriendoftheLittlePeople August 31, 2020
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"Being completely deranged, hysterical and seeing racism/oppression in virtually everything."
--Paul Joseph Watson
Mathematics be racist. White milk, too. Get woke, yo!
by Wenn Pilliam May 04, 2017
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being aware of the social. and political environments regarding all demographics and socio-economic standings.
After seeing that someone is completely clueless to the latest political mess:
Me: I can't believe she doesn't know what's going on, or why it's a problem. She is so not woke.
by jinx9161 April 16, 2017
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