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Do what you feel is best for you, in short, do you.
Forget ya triflin's friends, you need to do you.
by DarkNova November 28, 2001
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Do you plain and simple
Do what makes you happy
do what makes you happy
do you plain and simple
by cottoncandylove2 August 22, 2017
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Doing you is basically what all anyone ever needs to do. As long as you do you you can't complain about anything. If one is ever stuck in a dilemma or in a toss up, just say fuck it, "I'm going to do me." Doing you is when you lose all regard for other people's opinions and are finally at peace with yourself. No one can ever hate on someone else for doing them; unless while in the act of doing them one impedes on others. You can't do you if it is going to have negative effects on others or the community. As long as doing you is chill then ain't no one going to stop you. One can not hate on someone for doing them, they can have opinions but after it is all said and done respect must be given for anyone doing them.
"Dude should I go out tonight, I have a midterm tomorrow but I already studied."

"Man fuck it, just do you."

"Fer sure."
by Pheeel and Ferndeeezy January 28, 2009
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When your gf/bf doesn't want to be with you or is mad at you. Telling you to fuck off & do yourself.
by Ayobern October 11, 2016
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1. acting in a way that satisfies you, not caring at all about what others think nor about your actions and/or consequences

2. following your heart

3. possibly the best advice you can give anyone when they have a dilemma
Do you--when my friend asked me whether he should hang out with the boys or his girl, I told him to do you.
by Harry Coxsmith March 22, 2008
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