Friend 1: Damm i hate shitting myself constantly
Friend 2: Me too, bud
by bart7782 May 16, 2021
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continuously over a period of time; always.
"the world is constantly changing"
by An AnonymUS December 15, 2017
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Not constant, ever changing, unreliable. Provo Off Constantly Softball.
by shug24 August 24, 2008
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To be working hard and thinking hard, constantly; thus being on one's grizzy

It refers to the lifestyle of the young, emerging worker in the knowledge economy. In addition, a satire on the corporate exploitation of talent in the knowledge production markets; similar in the way casual Fridays were spawned by tech workers in the early 90s.
Worker 356:
Yaaz B, Jane said she’s give you head if you come drinking with us tonight.

Worker 244:
Shut up fuck face! Can’t you see I’m working!? Constantly grinding, always thinking up new ideas and shit.
by T. Polkinghorne May 23, 2008
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A person who, while present the entire time, when called upon appears to have no idea what is going on as though they've just arrived.
"What's up with Shawn?"
"I don't get it. He's been here the whole time and has no idea what's going on".
"He appears to be stuck in a state of constantly arriving".
by GizmoLucie December 1, 2010
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A meme unknown to Doggfayce. It is a tag team term for two boys playing in purple trackies and pinning people down.
by Sym_kef August 7, 2023
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