The approach or interpretation that we make in a situation. Our point of view or view point.
Also; A 2 dimentional drawing to show an impression of height, width and depth, aka the plane of focus.
I'm going to vote in November because I have a different perspective on what's going on.
by ArtistL August 18, 2018
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Share my perspective
by POVer February 12, 2014
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The way everyone will look at something. Points of view.
The world looks different when you see it from my perspective. It DOES.
by Set Blue 23 October 5, 2017
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When a drunk guy at a bar tries to say perspective and perception at the same time.
by Warkmilk October 21, 2009
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A sickness of perception and or perspective of the present reality due to a weak intuition system
John must have perspectivitis again because for some reason he thinks its ok to drive home right after 9 shots of moonshine!
by OuTLaWsTc August 20, 2010
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When something is observed and perceived by a mass group.

Often times is used to point something out that is not noticed right in front of someones face.
You : Its perspected that you are flirting with Itsara.

Him : No way dude.

You: Dude look around, EVERYONE thinks so.
by bgpman April 21, 2009
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