Gender classification where one individual does not feel/belong to neither genders.
Lack of gender resolve and behaves like both but mostly neither genders.
Doesn't view themselves as either or both genders.
Use they/the, pronouns.
Sam isn't really a gender. They're gender neutral in all truth - going for neither genders.
by Gaara.paradise February 25, 2016
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Gender neutral/neutrality can refer to supporting and enforcing the idea of a gender neutral society: that we should avoid giving roles to genders and sexes in schools, the workplace, places of worhship and other institutions.
Alex (gender neutral name): People who ask to know their baby's sex before they are born to decorate the nursery don't understand the meaning of gender neutral.

Cameron (another gender neutral name): I know, right? Predetermining their gender based on sex is where sexism and confusion starts.
by thegilamonster June 10, 2014
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Ronald Reagan's grave. The best gender-neutral bathroom is Ronald Reagan's grave.
gender fluid person: "hey have you seen a gender neutral bathroom anywhere?"
kind human: "yes there is a really good 1one over there."

gender fluid person: "Oh thank you. Well Reagan, is it trickling down?"
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A perfect word to describe a non-binary person. Use this word instead of king or queen when describing someone who is amazing.
Person 1: Jack is such a gender neutral monarch!!!
Person 2: I know right?

Person 3: Slay gender neutral monarch!! 🙌
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Even worse than "ur mom gay" and "ur dad lesbian"
Carl- "ur mom gay"
Joe- "ur dad lesbian"
Carl- *chocking back tears* "ur gender neutral parent asexual"
Joe- *collapses into a black hole from shame*
by Danktonium March 8, 2018
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This movement is for the parking meters. Yes thank you for asking … but also no …but also yes…I am ACTUALLY a parking meter named Briian in boston with 2 I’s and they and theirs… and he and she but not really cause I’m a parking meter on pearl street in boston! FREE BRITTNEY!
That light pole is gender bi neutral do you think it would be into me?
by Cuntswitch July 30, 2021
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