In an election, the process whereby elegible citizens submit their choice for the person/party who gets to exploit them for the next 3-4years. People will often get wildly enthusiastic about which dishonest piece of crap they're going to "vote" for this time around, completely forgetting their previous experiences with politicians, which resembled nothing so much as being simultaneously mugged, insulted and assraped. If voting could change things, it would be illegal.
Person 1: Dude, are you voting today?
Person 2: No, this time around I thought I'd just save time and ask a Hell's Angel to beat me up and rob me.

Candidate: And will you be voting for me today, sir?
Voter : Why yes I am! Here, let me bend over this chair so that you can more conveniently assrape me...

by Big Bad Mark October 25, 2005
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-U.S.A.'s weapon of mass deception towards those who'd rather not choose a candidate they disagree with. If Hitler and Stalin ran for president some voters would choose Hitler because he's a more dynamic speaker and killed fewer people.
-A process in which, if you don't participate, you are considered unpatriotic, lazy, ignorant, apathetic, and morally unsound despite the fact that voting for a candidate isn't a black or white issue.
-an illusion of power to the people
-something that Chingy, Puff Daddy, Christina Aguilera tell you it's imperative to do (but don't do themselves), and by not telling for whom you should vote they've rendered their arguments inane.
a-I'm not going to vote.
b-WHAT? it's your duty to vote!
a-How is it my right and my duty at the same time?
b-if you don't vote you have no right to complain
a-last time I checked, if you don't vote for a candidate you have every right to complain if they mess up!
b-You need to get out there and vote...make a difference!
a-Okay, who should I vote for?
b-I'm not going to make that choice for for who you want, but get out there and vote.
a-If it's imperative for me to vote then you must tell me for whom I should vote. If it doesn't matter who I vote for then it doesn't matter if I vote. Voting itself has no inherent value. Ignorant and apathetic nonvoters are better than ignorant and apathetic voters!
by jellybene November 3, 2004
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In a system in which you have no real input, this act of casting a ballot is worse than a waste of time - it legitimates the system of power which has excluded you from real decision making in the first place.
Can you believe Johnny is still voting? Doesn't he get it? No matter who you vote for, the government always wins!
by Buenaventura Durruti April 22, 2004
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something that should only be reserved for informed people
Voting by stupid people is the biggest problem in America today.
by February 2, 2008
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The process whereby enfranchised persons within the body politic attempt to exchange one mob of hapless bastards for another.
After the impeachment, the voting at the next election was furious.
by sociopath9 January 22, 2010
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1. Term for any activity constituted as a waste of time which deceptively interrupts ones ability to focus on more important tasks.
2. Distraction of the public by the american aristocracy so practicing of over half the terms invented on may take place.
Debating on what could be possibly be the most useless way to spend his time, he eventually decided to pause Gigli and go voting.

Candidate1: "Good thing everyones out there Voting, now i can get that blumpkin I deserve! By the way, the campaign manager wants to know when you're going to return those clothes? You look like a Blingleberry.
by Latoo November 4, 2008
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I dare you to vote for this.
Actually. Vote. I got bet money this won't work.
by Anonymouse🐀 December 16, 2018
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