full of fury, violent passion, or rage; extremely angry; enraged.
He was furious about the accident.

When the man got punched in the face, he was furious.
by Riede December 5, 2006
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Mainly used in the 1990s by gay men and usually pronounced with a stress on each syllable. This word was used as an alternative to fierce, which became overused at the time.
- Did you see Tanika in that Moschino outfit? She was looking FU-RI-OUS!!

- Girl, the party last night was furious!
by cucusa October 31, 2008
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redirecting your energy at doing something productive instead of , say, destructive things like lighting a car on fire.
Jameson: I was told to count pencils again.

Nathaniel: Dude, that's because you need to be furious. do something to channel that energy so work doesn't bother you.
by junkie dog April 10, 2011
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A kid took another kid’s toy, and then the other kid got furious.
by Leolionross October 12, 2019
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(n)The act of masturbating with great physical fury; masturbating with extreme or violent vigor. Sometimes abbreviated as furiousbait

Other forms: Furiously Masturbate, Furiously Masturbating
In fits of rage Johnny tended to blow of steam by using furious masturbation sometimes nearly chafing his dick off.
by Speedo_spink August 14, 2006
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When a Beppler, or one of his friends he has to pay to have, looses a pvp fight or an item and the Beppler has to spend real money to replace the in-game item.
Damn, that is one Furious Beppler. The guy he gives stuff to so he will be his friend just lost an item that costs about 500$ and he had to replace it.
by Stouts June 21, 2020
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An act of self-pleasure intended purely for the function of dealing with cronic stress. In many cases; this form of masturbation is grossly satirized with descriptions of men grinding their teeth, audibly growling, and exhibiting a pulsating forehead vein.
Larry : Dude writing my thesis fucking sucks. I'm going to fucking kill myself.

Barry : Dude ... take it easy man you know ... go home ... have a sandwich.

Larry : We are fucking beyond sandwiches here.

Barry : Have you tried furious mastrabation?

Larry : Furious masturbation?

Barry : Masturbating FURIOUSLY, just grabbing that little purple soldier and choking the fucking life out of him while you sit and think about how much your life fucking sucks.

Larry : You’re a genius Barry. I now understand why that bruise on your temple has never healed.
by Darker January 21, 2010
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