The development of traffic engineering and freeway design in European cities during the 1950s resembled that in United States during the 1930s.
by Marcos de Oliveira August 12, 2008
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When you're about to nut but the model in the porn you jerking off reminds you of someone so you stop.
Male 1: Dude i was fapping to Piper Perri but she reminds me of Samantha so i switch to another chick
Male 2: So Samantha resemblance nut block you?
Male 1: pretty much
by Zcphus June 29, 2018
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a mitochondria resembling a penis is a regular mitochondria with penis like features such as a bendy shaft and mushroom top-like cristae.
wow my mitochondria really looks like a dick i wonder if it gets hard?!

No man its just a mitochondria resembling a penis it only does dat dank cell respiration shit
by wakawakakankeh November 20, 2013
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Used in response to a put-down, turning it on the one dishing out the put-down.
Source: The Three Stooges. Has since been used in countless films and tv shows, including Clerks and Friends.
Snooty Rich Lady: "Murphy, who are those slovenly creatures at the door?"

Murphy the butler: The plumbers, Madam.

Snooty Rich Lady: Well, send them to the servant's entrance. We can't allow rifraff in the front door.

Curly: I Resemble That Remark !

by rabbit1978 May 28, 2007
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What you would say to your step-brother after he grows up and starts looking like your father
Guy 1 *in a deep and calm voice* : Hello step bro
Guy 2: You've started to resemble our father a bit
by ZekeYeager February 18, 2021
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