95% of the people who submitted inane definiitions for this web-tionary
by I R STOOPID PEEPULLZ October 2, 2003
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a group of people that is stupid and and/or ignorant.
George W. Bush and Al Sharpton some of the most wellknown of The Stupid People
by Outlaw0976 May 29, 2008
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People who refuse to wear a mask in public and think iT's AlL a HoAx, even though this has been dragging on for a whole YEAR at this point.
Stupid People: "I REFUSE TO WEAR A MASK!!!!!!!!!!!! I REFUSE TO GET THE VACCINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S ALL A HOAX AND A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Person with brain cells: "Who do you think you are, Karen, the CDC?????? Wear a mask or leave :)"
by Pialinist April 28, 2021
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People who think it’s perfectly fine to body shame, misgender of purpose, fake mental illness for clout/other types of attention, diss someone because of their religion, are transphobic, sexist, racist, and or homophobic, anyone who straight up disrespects people and are pissy when they get called out for it, anyone with no integrity, morality, honour, etc.
I have no example but if you know you know, it’s not hard to spot a stupid person

“I hate stupid people
by Celestial_Kiing December 11, 2019
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Stupid People Overload is a "boom and bust" evolutionary theory relating to humanity which posits that during periods of peace and tranquility (the "boom"), imbeciles outbreed the intelligent by a significant margin until they become a dominant majority controlling societal institutions (including government), precipitating collapse back into war (the "bust").
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"Stupid People Overload"
(Population boom & bust cycles in homo sapiens)

Humanity is the only species which seeks the favor of its own predator.

Sad to say, I think these sorts of tyrannies and revolts are cyclical: In times of peace and abundance, the percentage of morons in the general population increases (with implications for democracy which you can well imagine). And as sure as Ambrose Bierce described (in "The Devil's Dictionary") the vote as the route by which a freeman makes a fool of himself and a wreck of his country, they soon come to ruin by electing slavemasters over their own heads. Then follows a period of oppression which the smart see coming and flee, and the remainder are ground into hamburger. Supporting my assumption are statistics drawn from the work "IQ in the Meritocracy": The post-WWII nations with the highest percentile IQ were Germany, Japan, and Israel - those three whose populations had suffered the largest percentile casualty rates during the war.

> We are living in and observing a country in the very final stages
> of decay. It is accelerating because very few have the guts to get
> involved and expose this corruption. The spiral is very fast at this
> point. How do you make people care?

You can't "make people care".

See, it's a *evolution* thing.

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(Archived from usenet: groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.politics.media/KKfiVjeYDQI%5B501-525%5D
by Bezzle Bedeviled April 29, 2020
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