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1. The current place where Jesus has his thrown, next to God the Father. According to Christianity, the place of everlasting peace and joy with Jesus as a reward for our faith and repentance. Jesus called it “paradise” while on the cross. Jesus dwelt there with God the Father before coming to the earth and returned after completing his earthly ministry. The Bible calls the heaven of the future the New Jerusalem that will be on planet Earth for Jesus and his followers. It will be a city of 1,500 cubic miles composed of streets of gold, a sea of glass, mansions, numerous fruit trees, Christ’s throne and overhwhelming joy and fellowship with Christ. The foundations and walls of the city will be composed of numerous gems. The scriptures say that Christ’s followers will be able to go back and forth from the New Jerusalem to the Earth. We,as mortal human beings, cannot fathom its beauty. Only God the Father and Jesus know what it will look like.

2. my honeymoon
After his resurrection, Jesus spoke of our reward in heaven when he said "I go to prepare a place for you. When I come again I will receive you unto myself, that where I am, there you will be also.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com December 06, 2007
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A Chicago-based trash talkshow hosted by Jerry Springer that emphasizes dysfunctional sectors of American society that includes whitetrash, debauchery, violence, racism and sexual promiscuity incluing homosexuality and incest and often mocks hillbillies. The show uses sound effects such as a cow's moo and a "boing" sound. Audience members sing the "Star Spanggled Banner" when the word AMERICA is uttered. Females in the audience are given beeds when they flash their breasts. The show also features a stripper's pole for the guests or audience members to display themselves.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com July 27, 2007
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1. The single most imporant human being in eternity and human history. We even have our calenders dated according to his existance.
2. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah
3. The Rose of Sharon
4. The Bright and Morning Star
5. The Messiah
6. The Son of God and 2nd personality of the Holy Trinity
7. The Prince of Peace
8. The Great Shepard
9. The Lamb of God that takes aways the world's sin.
10.The Rock of Ages

His miraculous birth was predicted in the Bible centuries prior. His Virgin Birth in Bethlehem was predicted in Micah 5:2. Try reading it. He was a Jew, born around 3 B.C. during the height of the Roman Empire in a province called Judeah to the Virgin Mary in the village of Bethlehem under King Herrod. A few days after his birth, wisemen came from the East to see the Christ Child and presented him with gifts. A week after his birth, he was given the name Emmanuel and circumsized in the synagouge. Shortly after that, his Earthly Father Joseph took him and his mother Mary to Egypt to escape King Herrod's wrath and homicidal plot aginst Jesus and all newborn children under the age of two. The Bible doesnt give us much information between that time and when he was Baptized by John the Baptist at the age of 30.

His birth, death on the cross and resurrection just outside Jerusalem was predicted in the Bible Centuries prior, not just to 100% accurracy, but Jesus himself predicted his own brutal death and resurrection. He rose from the dead and PROVED he was who he claimed to be--the Son of God and that we have hope if we put our faith in him. This proves he is THE way, THE truth and THE life.

Jesus is currently up in heaven in his perfected, resurrected body preparing a place for all those who love him. He will return to the Earth to establish his Kingdom and his people will rule and reign with him through all of eternity.
Jesus is the most influencial human being that has ever lived and will ever live. He sits at God the Father's right hand and rules and reigns over the universe that God has entrusted to him.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com November 04, 2007
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A low fare airline based in Kew Gardens, Queens of New York City. JFK International Airport is its hub. Began operating in 2000, it has earned profits every year. It is a major competetor to Southwest Airines.Operates mostly Airbus 320 aircraft. It received its first black eye in February of 2007 when hundreds of passengers were stranded on the tarmac at Kennedy Airport with no running water, communication or decent service. The airline's former CEO resigned after the incident.
Jet Blue sucks. I would never fly them.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com August 04, 2007
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Probably the world’s leading international airport and a notoriously bad airport in the Queens borough of New York City known for its congestion, horrid layout, traffic gridlock and smelly Pakistani cab drivers waiting to stiff you for a ride into Manhattan. The airport is a “culprit airport” for traffic congestion in the U.S. If it just barely rains in New York, traffic at JFK will be delayed for hours, causing headaches in other cities. In the winter it’s even worse. The airport is laid out in such an illogical manner than no one can figure their way around. It was originally laid out in a logical way, but rapid growth caused it to grow beyond what it could handle, leading to the congestion of today. JetBlue is the largest carrier out of the airport in terms of passenger traffic. JFK is the main hub for low far carrier, jetBlue Airways.
I hate JFK and would rather go through Newark anyday.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com March 28, 2008
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Something you have while working for a corporate bully and douchebag you strongly dislike who has less education than you, so you can earn money and pay for things to impress those whom you dislike even more.
Most sorry Americans need to have a job like everyone else.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com March 03, 2008
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Something you can't find in America anymore because employers nowadays have set the bar of qualifications way to high. They only want "experienced" people, even for crappy jobs like bagging groceries or taking your food order. The irony is that you can’t gain any experience by not doing these things first. I’m sorry but how does one need experience to bag groceries or work at McDonalds? It used to be that if you had a four-year degree (or even a 2-year degree) from a half-recognized university or college, you could get a really good job and eventually have a promotion and have a really good future. But those days are over. Today they only want people who have internships, Masters Degrees, PHd's and some kind of public involvement for a job that’s not much better than average and pays no more than average. No employer will hire you anymore for even a computer position if you have anything less than a Masters degree, even if you are really knowledgable at computers. Employers nowadays also only want minorities to work for them, thanks to affirmative action in the name of “diversity”, so white people will finally be oppressed. My sister applied only as a Office Assistant (the keyword is Assistant) at a small-to-medium sized company, but they wouldn’t hire her because she didn’t have any professional experience and wasn’t “qualified”—-setting aside the fact that she is very good with computers and office stuff. What they really meant is that she was “too white” to have the job and had to hire a minority who is less qualified or a high-tech professional from India to fit their minority quota. And companies of today wonder why they can’t find good people? Thank the liberals and their “diversity” ilk that emphasizes political correct BS, that has ruined the middle-class. Companies of today put their focus and energy on bogus criteria like a high GPA (even though a high GPA doesn’t constitute being smart) rather than the person’s potential, or what they have to offer, or what they have overcome in this life. What if a person with a 3.5 GPA cheated their way thru college rather than someone who got a 3.0 and worked for it and overcame a lot of obstacles?? Employers of today don’t care because they are superficial bastards who only focus on meaningless crap. Like I said, they wonder why they can’t find quality people anymore.

In that case, I will NEVER have a job because I had a low GPA in college, no internships, no professional experience, no technical know-how, not many useful job skills, was never publicly involved in anything, and am notoriously lazy—and don’t care.

But when you finally manage to find a good job, it’s something you must have to work for a schmuck you hate, to earn money to buy things to impress people you hate even more, so a crook can eventually rob you. It’s all futile, and a complete waste of time!!
Having a job is actually the biggest fraud on the face of planet earth.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com August 01, 2008
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