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Infatuation almost can equate to lust. It is NOT love nor being in-love, however both usually start off as an infatuation. Infatuation is only an attraction for another person based only on what you initially see and not what you know about them. You do NOT know that person yet. It is only an attraction to someone based on what you WANT them to be verses who they really are. Infatuation turns to true love or being "in love" when you have accepted that person for who they are: their background, their weaknesses, their strengths, their character, their spirit, their values, their spirituality, where they are going in life, etc.

To prove the difference between infatuation and love is this: infatuation is what leads to the wedding but it is love that begins when the honeymoon is over and you discover the TRUE person you have married after your disagreements.
Infatuation has N OTHING to do with love because you know hardly anything about that person. It's only a form of immiature "puppy love" that occurs in high school. Infatuation does not last, while love does.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com December 15, 2007

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A mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. A collection of very irritating personality traits that include stubbornness, orderliness, and a desire to control others and their surroundings. It makes a person meticulous or fixated about little things, nit-picking or paying extreme attention to detail, and trying to control his or her environment and other people. They do things “by the book’’ with no flexibility in the way they complete tasks, and expect others to do and think as they. It’s their way or the highway, basically. They are the worst people to work for or live with. My roommate is a good example. He irons his underwear because he doesn’t want the wrinkles, assuming people will see them or care. He always must have his room spotless in every detail, including making his bed to perfection before going to work. Before he puts dishes in the dishwasher, he washes them thoroughly, defeating his purpose for the dishwasher. And he must have the dishes in the washer sitting at a certain angle, for fear they wont get cleaned. He will also literally pick tiny particles from the living room carpet, before using the vacuum cleaner. Psychologists say that anally retentive people’s habits—often controlling—stem from lack of being breast fed as an infant. Basically, people who are anally retentive act like they have something up their butt. Instead, they need to see a psyciatrist. And if things don’t go their way, they go nuts! Anally retentive people are usually very annoying as a result and may have a hard time making and keeping friends.

I laughed how that person needs things to be very miticulous. He must be anal retentive.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com January 04, 2009

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Where you live when you dont want to live in the inner city. It's a place of mostly middle-class homes, Walmart, soccer moms, SUVs, strip malls and the homes of corporate bigwigs. Suburbs in the United States began to spring up during the post WWII years as families left the central cities for a quieter, safer and more relaxed lifestyle. However some suburbs are just as poor as the inner-city itself. According to the US census, the number of persons living in the suburbs now outnumbers those in the central cities.
Most Americans would probably rather live in a suburb than in the crime-infested inner city.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com March 31, 2009

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A very dangerous person. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. A master deceiver. They are perceived as a nice guy with charm and perhaps charisma but when the layers of the truth are peeled back they are evil, opportunitstic and lack character. A sociopath may look like this:

They are opportunistic and use their keen ability to read people to take advantage of a person’s weakness. They have an error in judgement and have no regard for rules. Their extreme egocentricism makes them do whatever they must to get what they want without regard for other people. They are manipulative. Their character flaw seldom makes them feel guilt or learning from punishments. They always justify their actions. They lack personal responsibility and blame others for their shortcomings, labeling themselves the “victim.” Many sociopaths are also pathalogical liars and can have a tendancy to commit acts of violence.
Most serial killers fit the personality trait of a sociopath.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com March 16, 2008

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An infatuation. You can "fall" out of it just as fast as you can fall in it. A phrase that is often misunderstood today and used very loosly to the point of nearly loosing its meaning. Contrary to poplular belief, being in-love IS possible without the same affection in return. Just because someone doesn't love you back means you are not actually in love? Hogwash. You CAN indeed love someone unconditionally without being loved return. Being "in-love" does not occur by accident, because love is a choice and an action rather than an emotion, like most people believe. Howver, being in-love or loving a person romantically and unconditionally has a few symtoms:

1. getting butterflies in your stomach or nausea when you see the object of your infatuation.

2. your pulse races when you are with or near that person

3. you cant stop thinking about them

4. the can be in your dreams

5. you can't stop smiling when thinking of the person

6. you imagine having children with that person, perhaps to the point of thinking of names.

7. you imagine yourself going to the altar with that person

8. you have a longing to be with that person

9. you get clumsy when thinking of them

10. you think you will do anything to be with that person

11. you have pet names for each other.
Being in love is the best thing that happens to a person BUT can turn into the worst thing that happens to you when it doesn't work or goes bad.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com December 15, 2007

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The state of doing anything in your means to get what you want.

The state of being so lonely and so insecure, due to lack of esteem, that you will date/marry or have sex with anyone. You dont care weather or not it is bad for you, but only how "good" it feels to have somebody you think is compatible with you and likes you for yourself. You decieve yourself into thinking that this person makes you happy, when in reality it's only the feeling of love that makes you happy. Instead of waiting for the right person to come along, you settle for someone who is much less ideal for you and can make your life even more miserable.
In being desperate, you deceive yourself into thinking that this person makes you happy when, in reality, it's only the feeling of love that makes you happy. You are so desperate for love, attention, and affection, that you resort to lowering your standards. You may even "settle" for an abusive relationship, just for the sake of not being alone. The state of being desperate is a dangerous thing.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com May 08, 2008

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1. Where you can proudly "moon" your new "honey" in private after the wedding--hence the word.

2. What I will never have because women don't like me.

3. Utter bliss where a brand-new, nieve married couple goes to consumate their marriage and have a giant 7-day orgy, without feeling guilty anymore. You shut the door and don’t ever come out.

4. You better enjoy it, because it’s the best and perhaps last time you will have sex if you remain married to each other.

5. The last time a couple has sex.
When you are young, your honeymoon is Niagra. Fifty years later, its viagra.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com December 06, 2007

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