What I am sitting on. Also, the center of my life's activities as it is the most versatile utility in my whole 1-room apartment I share with 10 other people in Taiwan.
I am sitting on this chair right now. I will soon jerk off in this chair. I will soon get out of this chair. I will soon get back onto this chair. I will soon move this chair to where I want to sit. I will soon straddle this chair. I will soon use the pegs of this chair as a dildo. I will soon lean back in this chair. I will soon use this chair as a blunt weapon to murder someone. Indeed, I will soon do EVERYTHING with this fucking awesome chair.
by Bad C dev March 7, 2021
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The chair where clothes clean enough to wear tomorrow but too dirty to go back in the wardrobe go.
"I wore this top today and its a bit creased but I can just wear it tomorrow so I'll put it on the chair so I don't have to bother getting it out of the wardrobe."
by Ceejay44 August 25, 2017
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A word used in Ireland and some parts of Britain , is where a male would sit on a chair and the female would sit facing him with her two legs on separate sides and they would kiss for a long time ,the males hands would be grasping the females booty
Tom: How far did you go with Gloria last night?

Jack :She was chairing me for 5 minutes pal.
by Pablokeene89 February 15, 2018
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when someone unwanted is talking, they also can't have a working pancreas
"why is the chair talking?"
by ThatOneChair February 24, 2020
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Something your dumbass is most likely sitting on right now

A scene from a South Park episode in which Eric Cartman is asked to spell the word "chair"

A hard, solid piece of furniture with....do you really need a defintion for this?
Dave: Don't fall out of that chair, yo!

Mike: It's my wheelchair asshole, if I fall I won't feel a thing.
by PoozerHater June 1, 2010
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fred: lets go sit on the couch
bob: nah.. chairs where its at.
by casablanca10 April 22, 2009
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a word used to describe a person in the room who has no purpose. this person is just there and doesn't matter
"Dude what are these two girls doing here. They're just a couple of chairs."
by isugirl February 27, 2014
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