During the beginning of a romantic relationship, both partners put forth due dilligence to continually express their best qualities in hopes of securing their partner's love, thus allowing the campaign to end.

The campaign is also considered officially over when one or both individuals:

a. fart in front of the other
b. begin to 'let themself go'
c. reveal the heinous aspects of their character that up to this point have been painstakingly masked and concealed
d. admit to be currently suffering from rupadupalus
Although dates with Colette during "the campaign" had been sweet, Clay secretly feared that one day his secret would come to light and she would discover the massive pile of semen-soaked rags under his bed which had sat there long enough to develop a conciousness and whispered threats to him when he was alone.
by John Pressley June 27, 2008
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To drive around town showing off and attracting attention to yourself
Guy:"Yo bandit just got a new trans am"
Smokey:"I know hes already started to campaign"
by Dick 33 January 14, 2009
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the ability to pick up a person of the opposite sex. to have game.
Man ive been having a good game with the ladies lately. My campaign has been strong.

My campaign was presidential last night. I picked up 2 girls.

Bro, you dont know how to close the deal. Ur campain is worse than Sarah Palin's.
by twotone530 November 03, 2010
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When something is deemed to have advertising value by marketing 'big wigs'.

Often used by people who don't have access to a dictionary - or PR types who like to make up their own words, usually by adding 'ability' to the end of a word. Or 'sexual'. See also: Gastrosexual
This viral is really real, but still adheres to all the brand messages that we're trying to convey this year. It has great campaignability.
by claire_j_b October 26, 2010
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Filter for "cunt". The appropriate way to call someone a "campaigner" or "campaigners".
Man you're one filthy campaigner! You actually condone supporting that campaigner cutting millions of dollars in funding towards homeless shelters and services? How you campaigners can even live with yourselves is beyond me.
by ILLaViTaR March 13, 2015
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An ordeal, undergoing. Endeavor, project, etc.
The ruthless campaign began to belabor from it's original purpose.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Making a piece original being able to become a campaign.
Being able to make something a part of a set.
The creative director asked her workers to create a campaignable print examples.
by Aeromeaning November 27, 2017
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