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To the 99% of people on here who are so ignorant, it is NOT removal from political office but simply a trial in the Senate for misconduct while in office for "high crimes and misdeameanors,” according to the Constitution. This makes removal from office only POSSIBLE.
Now, for you Bush haters. Going to war for something you don't personally agree with does NOT constitute a reason for impeachment. Try being mad at the Congress (including prominent Senate Democrats) who gave the President the authority to send troops into Iraq. Thirdly, a "high crime or misdeameanor" means anything that can get you thrown into prison. This includes pergery (lying under oath), which Bill Clinton did in the 1990s that resulted in his rightful impeachment or trial in the U.S. Senate. It’s a FACT despite what liberals and Democrats believe.
Impeachment is something most Americans are ignorant about.
by krock1dk March 18, 2008
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