Having anal sex then titty fucking and busting a nut. Fecal matter should be smeared when titty fucking.
John had anal sex with Tonya and titty fucked her. When he blew his load he noticed he smeared crap between her chest and thought of smores.
by Panda Oz January 16, 2010
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Where somebody cums in a chic's vagina and the chic's takin a shit.
I'm gonna smore you tonight in the bathroom!
by Nick 696969 November 21, 2008
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A skanky man whore; a man who no one really likes but is really good sex.
girl 1: omg! did u hear? Brian fucked another girl!

girl 2: r u kidding me?! that's his third one today!!

girl 3: yea, what a smore.
by s'more October 07, 2007
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its when the guy shits on the girls chest and then cums on the shit. then he mixes it with a vibrating dildo.
Smief mad smores with the dog aka michlle atencio
by O'Doyle November 06, 2004
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The process of ejaculating and defecating at the same time or as close to the same time as possible, then putting the two together between graham crackers, so that it appears as if a s'more has been made.
The man walked into the bathroom with a Playboy magazine and graham crackers, and walked out with a s'more.
by TimRay July 04, 2006
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