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Men that specifically come from Mexico that will usually have a pedo- stash on their faces. Usually seeks American women to gain a "GREEN CARD". Likes sleeping with young underage girls and yet still wants to be consider "NOT" a pedophile. Stares at any vagina or anything that looks similar to a women. The mammal men even look at the young chick-lets ( 12 years old) walking by them. Stares at women intensively (especially in Mexican bars/restaurants), hits on women with their awful pick up lines; then once they have the women hooked they BEAT THEM! They also presume to be sneaky in general, have no necks, and when angry they speak with a up/down bobbing head type motion very loudly in their native language. They also demand at least a minimal of twelve kids maximum number who knows. wants you to do laundry, cook and clean just like his mother does. Also Want you to be a PORN STAR every day of the week especially after having 5 kids.
" Mexican men are just the worse, always demanding stuff."
by Mexican Men November 23, 2014
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