1. a snack made by toasting a marshmallow and putting it between two graham crackers and chocolate.
2.After anal sex, the semen leaks out of the anus with liquid poop and smears between the buttcheeks.
Last week jenny was walking down the hall and suddenly she had this look on her face. She totaly had a smore.
by John Y February 09, 2004
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It is where you fuck a girl in her vagina, then you pull out and cum on it. Then you take a shit on top of it, and put a graham cracker on top of that. Then you eat it all up.
"Man I could go for some smores right about now."
by DCexcel January 06, 2010
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the meaning of both a smut and a whore
girl #1 "omg did you really suck his dick last night?"
girl #2 "yeah i did"
girl #1 "omg you're such a smore!"
by wangster202339 September 21, 2011
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is a diverse sexual foursome involving two hispanics, an african american, and a white.
That smore last night was fun.

I love being in a smore.
by Jeligan May 01, 2009
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When one takes a massive dump between someone's mattress and bedspring, and then sets the whole thing on fire, leaving the owner of the bed with a crispy treat.

Lo, I abhore the smore. If only having your bed shit between and lit ablaze was as sweet as the campfire treat it was named after. Rather, it killed my cats, and smelled up the loft for a fortnight.
by J-Nast August 09, 2006
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(aka smore, or smoring)
The act of cumming into someones butthole then pouring chocolate into it, then clenching the buttcheeks together, then eating it out.
Aratorantha: "yo, im really hungry."
Tyrone: "let's make some smores, if you know what i mean"
Aratorantha: "FUCK yes!"
by ShizOWonder July 24, 2011
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Smart-whore. A girl who sluts out seeking the love of other men because she can't get someone by them selves.
Look at that girl she is a smore.

She is in ap bio and is where no bra or panties to school
by Random yell December 17, 2013
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