Most funny awesome person ever. She is super smart but doesn't like to admit it. She can be tough, but really she's very sweet on the inside! She's a super loyal friend. She doesn't like to dress up very often but she totally rocks the tomboy look. She can make any situation fun with her witty remarks and sarcasm. She is kind of secretive and closed off at times, but she makes an awesome best friend! She loves her family and truly respects her parents, something not found in most people anymore. Did I mention she'd make a great best friend?!
1. Look at that girl.. She's so cool. She must be a Cassie!

2. This girl asked me if I was a Cassie and I said "Hell no I'm not that smart!"

3. My little brother was backstabbed by his best friend, so he shouted to him, "You're not so Cassie after all!"
by Splashstorm March 27, 2013
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Beautiful, but they never admit it. They are very vulnerable, and they fall into peer-pressure often. Sweet, but they can be mean if provoked. Most tend to fall in love with the wrong people, and are very flirtacious. Their laughs are amazing, and they give great hugs.
Awe she's really cool. She must be a Cassie!

by FerRealMayne March 18, 2009
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A wonderful person to be around. All around Cassie's are smart, beautiful, funny and loyal. Although she may seem shy at first, she will open up and show you her amazing personality. Cassie's make VERY good friends. They are loyal, very forgiving, protective and easy to talk to. Although some people dont realize how great Cassie's really can be. She often has GORGEOUS green eyes! If you know anyone named Cassie, I would get to know her! She will be the BEST friend and or girlfriend you will ever have gaurenteed :)
Wow I just met this girl named Cassie, she is amazing!!!

Damn, look at those gorgeous eyes and hot bod! She is most definitley a Cassie!!!
by xoxoxogossipgirl March 31, 2011
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Cassie is an amazing, loveable, funny, smart, beautiful, and vibrant girl. No matter what happens she bounces back with twice as much sass and confidence.
"That girl Cassie, she's tough as nails I wouldn't mess with her"
by Rapunzel Lynn October 10, 2018
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"Awwww man! Did you see the smokin' chick?!"
"Yeah, she's a Cassie!"
by mmmno November 13, 2011
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Some who is beautiful, smart , easy to talk to and kind she often enjoys being the loudest but still always fits in with the crowd no matter who she's with she is the most beutiful caring person and a Cassie and a Gage make a couple any persons jealous of
by Danny ringo August 20, 2017
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Beautiful, but they never admit it. They are tender-hearted and put other before themselves. Sweet, but they can be mean if provoked. Tend to fall hard for someone. They are very flirtatious. Their laughs are amazing, and they give great hugs. They are optimistic that situation will turn out ok. They are independent , creative and compassionate.
She is an awesome chick, she must be a Cassie
by pete24 February 5, 2010
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