Yo, have you heard the best album of the year, All Over The Place by KSI???!!111!!1
by Jds1235 July 15, 2021
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When a girl with long blonde hair rubs it all over a naked guy's body.
It was Blonde All Over The Place when Chad went to bed with Kiersten last night!
by SlopNChop October 20, 2016
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to be severly "owned" by someone or something; to get "owned" someone or something in a extreme fashion
Dockers: "man that sucked"
Griffin: "yea they got owned all over the place"
by Alais_neo February 5, 2005
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(Verb) 1. ;to, in a hitorical way, 'cum all over yourself."/feel your panties get soaked when in the presence of something/someone you 'fangirl' over.

2. One or more fangirls reacting in a sexually expressive manner and/or excessively to something they're obsessed/have strong feelings for.
"Ahh! I'm like, fangirling all over the place!"

"His voice is making me fangirl
all over the place!"
by who are YOU? October 17, 2013
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it means to start punpuning all over the people around you as hard as you can
me: im going to go punpun all over the place
me: such a punpun moment
by jamalkl.. December 9, 2022
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shabbily messed-up coif
a strong wind blew my hair-all-over-the-place
by girlacrossthesea September 25, 2005
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