why did you even search this bruh-๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ
it's just the fucking letter s-๐Ÿ˜‚
by a hot enby <3 November 11, 2020
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lasy version of "st" wich is a lasy version of "stf" wich is a lasy version of "stfu" wich is a lasy version of "shut the fuck up" wich is a short version of "stop speaking now your fucking n00b or else i trow somthing hard at your face with a great force .n00b. "
"munky s now"
"hello can you please s or else"
by The maker January 17, 2005
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suck; sucked
used together with the the abbreviation 'D' to indicate the action of sucking ones dick.
Instead of using no as an answer.
She was on her period so instead she just s'ed my d.
He asked for some of my mcdonalds fries..I told him to s my d.
by SaminCapeTown September 19, 2006
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Normally refered to as Westies, these are found in suburbs all over Australia, particularly Mt Druitt, Tregear and Lethbridge Park in Sydney to name a few places. Bogans tend to dominate government housing estates or crappy government homes as they normally have no money and are cheating the Australian welfare system, by having fake workers comp claims and or many kids to different wives/husbands.The male of the species normally grows a mullet smokes winfield blue and drinks vb and dons a flanalette shirt normally a red tartan unbuttoned a blue singlet and tight black jeans, while congregating around a 44 gallon drum with other males of the species and burns used matresses and old palm fronds from the Date palm trees that have scattered through his yard whilst discussing football or cricket (season depending) and previous roots and other random bullshit. The normally own old Ford XH falcons or VK commodores that have blownmotors and posess crappy steel spoilers home made and bolted on and a shitty sound sytems which normally blares barnsey or bon jovi.

The female of the species is just as bad but normally dresses in a lo cut top exposing A cup tits. Has a shrill voice and is missin her 2 front teeth from fighting her ex bogan husbands, they can be found congregating with the male of the species normally at the "pub", but is normally found screaming and flogging her 8 children in the local westfields.
"Yo fuck me there burning matresses again with palm fronds"

"Yea, its the ritual around here in tregear"

by Mtdruitt bogan November 15, 2007
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to run or get away really fast.
"Shit dem guys r gonna batter the fuck outta us we better s!"

"damn the police jus saw ur zoot lets s outta here!2
by nitrousoxide February 10, 2004
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