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1. Abbreviation for "some more," a campfire treat consisting of toasted marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate.

2. A word Justin wanted in the dictionary
Let's make some s'mores!
by Anonymous September 20, 2003
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a smore is when a black dude gets a 3sum wit a brown chick (hispanic, indian or caramel colored black chick) n a white girl (or a hispanic chick with a "white" complection or albino black chick)
yooo bruh i cant chill 2nite, im havin a smore.
by travjules June 26, 2010
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the plural of s'more. It means that there is s'more chocolate, s'more marshmellow, and s'more graham crackers.
Joey Butafucco is a dago who puts red sauce on his s'mores
by T-Dog Jenkins January 23, 2005
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graham cracker with a marshmallow and chocolate in between
a whore wearing a white t-shirt that poured choclate sauce all over herself with the assumption that in doing so she will get lucky?

what x-actly are smores im not really sure
by COOLEST biatch February 19, 2007
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An extremely delicious combination of hershey's chocolate bars, marshmellows and graham crackers toasted to perfection and can , in some cases, be quite addicting to the consumer.
"Let's go get us some DEEEEEEE-LICIOUSLY, addicting s'mores" called out Billy Jean to Bobby Sue
by Maidlow July 25, 2008
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its something different that you can say meaning laughing out loud. It comes from the aim, lol, which looks like a marshmallow surrounded by two graham crackers. So next time u want to laugh, just say smore.
MATH TEACHER: Please draw a line on the board
MATH TEACHER: Can you make it longer please?
STUDENT: That's what she said!
COOL GUY: SMORE! That was a good one!
by Maad Chill May 11, 2008
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