Quite possibly one of the greatest songwriters of all time who also happens to be a sublime showman that performs 3-4 hour long concerts as a senior citizen! A terrific musician overall.

Not to mention, he seems like a very kind & down to earth man that I had the pleasure of running into a few years ago!
Bruce Springsteen isn't called The Boss for nothing!
by Soul_Driver October 5, 2019
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The company that produces his music clearly has a lot of time on it's hands.
Bruce Springsteen has like 40 greatest hits collections.
by Tikibarberfan July 21, 2010
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1. A great artist who writes and sings some of the best music the world has ever known.
2. Also, has a second career as a self loathing limosine liberal who has an amazing track record for backing losing candidates.
Kerry: "Oh shit! We got the Springsteen endorsement...talk about the kiss of death!"

KerryAide: "Don't worry sir...I'll get him on the phone and see if I can get him to back Bush"

Springsteen's Answering Machine: "..yeah..this is Bruce..what the fuck do YOU want..I can't come to the phone right now...I'm to busy hating myself...leave a fucking message"
by Streamwalker October 14, 2004
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One of the all-time greatest songwriters/recording artists/live performers the world has ever known. Bruce Springsteen was born in the USA, 23 September 1949, in Freehold, New Jersey to be precise. He's known as "The Boss", kinda the way Elvis Presley is known as "The King". Springsteen's famous E Street Band always puts on an awesome show, and he knows how to please a crowd!
1. Bruce Springsteen was born in the USA
2. Bruce Springsteen is The Boss
3. I saw Springsteen a few years ago, but last time he came to town the show was sold out so fast, I couldnt get a ticket!
by O.G. WILLAKER February 11, 2005
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A Rock legend who has been considered by many people to be one of the greatest American songwriters of all time. If you think the Boss sucks, then you should start to consider on why you're actually given the privilege to actually breathe.
His newest album "Devils & Dust" is being released April 26th.
by KyLe March 25, 2005
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A SELL OUT, money hungry media whore. He tries to pretend hes working class, but never held a 9 to 5 in his life...A fake, phony, fraud, washed up has been. He thinks hes god, and his fans are idiots who buy into his money making scam. His manager John Landau is a full fledged douchebag dick rider and a complete asshole...lose some weight tubby!
Bruce Springsteen, Saw a concert in Red Bank years ago and walked out.
by heyimjustspeakinthetruthbrotha February 9, 2010
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Dude Springsteen was cool but when he got the E Street Band he was cooler!
by Eric December 29, 2005
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