A guy with a huge dick, but refuses to admit it
2-D- 'in your dreams, Pedro'
by Rhodiun November 11, 2017
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Your best friend, a floating British banana that will always know how to help you when you're murdering countless goons after being kidnapped by a gun smuggler that ships out human meat to hide his illicit firearms.
Hey, it's me, Pedro. Your friend.
by CuppyNigga July 1, 2019
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A pedro has a very good personality and is very cute
You are lucky to have Pedro
by Miranda Kirby April 8, 2019
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Pedro is a chill guy, cool to hang out with, and is really good at smuggling drugs across the border.
" Joe I want to do some cocaine, lets call Pedro."
by 69disan69dat November 29, 2020
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A boy that goes through shit but never shows it.
Someone: g you Good?

Pedro: yea g
by The_realdwag November 22, 2018
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Pedro is one of the most amazing people. They play soccer and are good at it. He is the sweetest boy of all time. He is Smart caring loving and openhearted. Every single girl that he knows likes him. but he will probably friend zone you. For Example, Ashley got friend zoned. But if he likes you he will tell you. He likes to eat pussy
by Savage Parista February 21, 2019
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Not joking one of the most special guys there is. He’s a sweetheart, no other way to put it. Any girl’d be lucky to have him because he always puts his heart into everything he says and does S2. Also, he’s kind of a fruit loop, so be prepared to laugh!!
Girl 1: Hahahahahaha
Girl 2: What’s so funny?
Girl 1: Pedro omg hahaha Such a fruit loop I LOVE HIM!!
Girl 2: omg Lucky!!!
by ThisgirlnamedA November 26, 2017
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