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Pedro is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. Almost every girl he know's has a crush on him. he will steal your heart. He will probably friend-zone you for a while, but if he really likes you he will eventually tell you. Pedro is a really fun, cool, loving, weird, and caring guy. If you have a Pedro then you are one of the luckiest people alive.
"do you know Pedro?"


" i love him so much! i wish he was my boyfriend!"

"Don't worry! he will probably be your boyfriend eventually!"
by Katiekitty123 October 10, 2013
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Pedro; n: One yet quiet in the beginnig, but fun once you get to know him. Smart, athletic, sociable, shy at times, healthy, fit, and hilarious. One who liked to go out and not stay in one place for a long time. Likes to participate in sports, major events, activites, and ect. One who loves to be with friends, family, and others they don't know? One who loves the things that help them and others to succeed in life. One who will have their friend's back and will always be there for their friends. One who likes to live life to the fullest and never forgets to make everyone feel special. A friend who can also be deviest when upset and hurtful, harmful when angry when a loved one or friend has been harmed. One who can't be stood by when they're furious about a certain thing. Pedro, a friend who only comes once in a great while and that the ladies sometimes will love to be with before they go. Pedro, the one who descendes from the stars and will never be forgtten until another arrives.
stars, sociable, shy, special, feel, succeed, once, and Pedro.
by Paco M. May 29, 2010
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Someone who has an enormous dick but won't admit it.
Pedro loves to masturbate his huge dick in front of his family.
by anonymous July 21, 2004
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Not usually understood by the masses but at individual level very easy to read and talk to. Inspiring, smart and very selective. Only attracted to women with long smooth hair and sexy strong legs. Can be calm & poised yet very attentive and extremely sexual. Shy at first but after he is a pleasure machine. If you get too close you'll end up in bed with him begging for more.
I got to know that shy guy Pedro last month and know I cant stop calling him to talk and meet for hot sex!
by waterwave May 03, 2010
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A person who is very attractive wanted by a lot of girls,would do a lot to have him,smart. He can get a lot of girls , most girls around him want some of him.
Pedro is sexy
by iknowyoubutudontknowme September 08, 2013
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Sexy THICCC boii that everyone likes. He has luscious hair, BIG PeePee, and every girl like him. He has a beautiful mustache and is growing a goatee. And he is single and ready to mingle.
Look at Pedro he is soooo THICCC and sexy !
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by Poppy Horlow June 10, 2019
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