Fighting words when refering to ones distance when fierce words are spoken. Circa 1997.
by JJFADS January 7, 2005
Used by an elite group of individual meaning someone’s breath smells, or used as an insult
Nathan: (starts talking)
Max: OMG Nathan brush your teeth, your breath hums


Nathan: (starts arguing)

Max: OMG shut up your breath hums
by Your breath December 10, 2019
To refrain from a futile effort.

In other words,
Its useless to explain something to someone when there will be no outcome of it.
Man: Yo lady, wanna suck me off on my sharp image?

Lady: Save your breath Loser, I have already got a boyfriend!!
by Techie129England June 14, 2011
what you get after blowing your boss to get ahead at work
i see you have your own office now jeff. do i smell management on your breath?
by partsgirl January 28, 2011
A sentence you say to someone so that they stop breathing automatically, and start breathing manually. This usually infuriates the other person, who now has to focus on breathing on top of whatever shit they wrer up to.
by Cyan_on_the_dictionary February 25, 2022
A very young and naive person (baby-like) (Babies drink milk)
Example: You are too young to try to step to me still have milk on ypur breath! milk breath milk on your breath youngster youngblood
by E-Catwoman1255 March 1, 2016