A "s'more" is a 3-some made up of a dark-skin, a light-skin, and an albino. They can range from any different amount of gender possibilities.
"Bro, My girlfriend just gave me the O-K, I'll be having a s'more tonight."
by Wink-Wonk September 07, 2015
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Sandwich involving one white chick in between a mexican and a black man
YA man i was at this party and there was some smore action going on upstairs...pretty sick
by isc9237 December 04, 2006
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a mexican,a black person and a white person.mixed
cracker, hershey chocolate, marshmallow, another cracker
Juandante is a fuckin smore!
by Eyebrows January 17, 2006
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a three way with a white person, a black person and a mexican person. Gender doesnt matter.
I was watchin this porno and these three girls were makin a smore.
by Devante January 24, 2008
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Britny: "What grade is that guy in? Hes gorgeous!"
Taylor: "Umm, maybe a fish.. maybe a smore. Definatly not a senior. But yea, he is WAY gorgeous though!"
by Britny November 23, 2005
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