something only a white guy would look up on urban dictonary
white guy:I'M going to look up white guy on urban dictonary
by thechas3 October 7, 2020
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The guy in charge. Sometimes, he's referred to as "The Man."
Person 1: "Who's in charge?"

Person 2: "The White Guy, of course!"
by War Pig July 14, 2012
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A term rather stupidly thrown around by people often racist blacks (black people can be racist too as proven in this definition) online and in the U.S as an insult or to describe a male as an effeminate pussy. Although technically a white guy is simply just A WHITE GUY

I've seen many a youtube video entitled White guy does x or white guy does y, White guy hits really low note (race does not factor human vocal range).

Person 1: Man what a fight! Hate to say it but that White Guy won fair and square!

Person 2: Well quite obviously....because he's a 230 lb 36 year old bodybuilder....and his black opponent was a 14 year old kid who had barely hit puberty...


Person 1: That white boy thinks he's so fly? He got nothing on me. Fucking Pussy faggot.

Person 2: Dude, your dad was an award winning rap artist. You may be black but you have lived comfortably off his millionaire income your entire life. That 'white boy' is Albanian and grew up in the roughest neighbourhood in Tirana. I really wouldn't mess with him.
by stingingpaininthebrain July 13, 2012
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the perfect excuse to leave an akward situation
white guy: That was a great time last night.
white guy's girlfriend: I think I'm pregnet.
white guy: I gotta go do white guy stuff.
by SuperPimp May 23, 2008
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The fourth, and final, stage of a white guy's life which, if arrived at in an average fashion, provides for a comfortable resting period before becoming a dead white guy.
Yeah, that mother fucker there got it pretty good.

Yup, he's an old white guy.
by LastTryPseudonym April 22, 2019
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