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Means the same as screwed or fucked. Generally used by guys to mean either the act of having sex with a girl (in an energetic fashion) or to mean that something is well and truly broken.
I rogered my ex again last night.
by Pete October 18, 2004
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An old English term for getting fucked. Getting penetrated. Getting anally penetrated.
"I say Thompson, I just took a peek around that corner over there and I saw Jeeves with his trousers around his ankles, bent over and getting rogered by Sir Humphrey!"

"My goodness gracious, Reginald. I do wish Sir Humphrey would hurry up with it, I wouldn't mind giving Jeeves a good rodgering myself!"
by Reginald467 January 28, 2012
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To get fucked by the greedy corporation selling the iphone in Canada.

Rogers in Canada announced their ridiculous priced plans effectively making the device useless for the usage Apple designed it for.
Fred: Look, Wendy that person bought the iphone.
Wendy: They got rogered, that device is for clued-out wanna-be out of touch Canadian suckers.
by Urban Dictionary July 03, 2008
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To get fucked in the arse, to be buggered.
Joe had a sore arse from being rogered the night before!

"Wish he'd remembered the lube last night!"
by Shadenfreude72 January 22, 2012
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when something is rendered well and truly useless.
As his TV made a noise like a diarrhea inflicted elephant and exploded into shards, bobby said "this TVs rogered".
by magic toadstool February 05, 2004
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verb; To type a message that is either missing verbs, missing contractions, or uses an excessive amount of "and's" instead of commas. The message is NOT considered Rogered, however if written by someone younger than a 3rd grader
Just got a text that read "Jennifer family nice"! lmao, boy was that Rogered up!

Your phone must have gotten Rogered... your last message said "I had fun and it good time and I like turtles and we ate Mexican and now i home."
by SJRip August 22, 2010
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The stage of drunkness where you are no longer fun, you just start ruining peoples lives
"I hear *insert name* was trashed last night" "Mate, she was Rogered"
by Mmmmmm dips August 14, 2011
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