cool. ok. originating in the time of prohibition in america.
"if everything's copacetic, let's head over to the local speakeasy"
by izon July 23, 2004
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How assholes like to say 'OK'.
I'm feeling copacetic. How about you?
by milwman January 18, 2009
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That rad jump you did with your dirt bike was super copacetic!
by rad lad November 22, 2016
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satifactory, in order. acceptable.
"And I remember when we met and we began dating, and everything was copacet' and we began mating." -Damian Marley
by ash83xo June 23, 2006
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That feel when you are sorry you canceled on such short notice, but there are three little boys and a woman that needed you in Las Vegas - however, everything is ok.
by mador96 August 14, 2015
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That which, once said, removes all immediate concerns and doubts.
No wonder Obama won the election by a landslide, he has a copaceticism for every issue!
by gnasteeboy February 9, 2010
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