to cause pain by self or by others
Morgan had broken bones inflicted by Rex.
by ジャック July 27, 2010
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To be in a sorry or beat up condition etc.
For example, to have an inflicted head is to be retarded etc.
He's got such an inflicted head.
by Judge dredd7 December 4, 2011
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Also know as SII. Self Inflicted Insomnia is a basic lack of sleep caused by your own boredom and lack of interest in sleep. People with Self Inflicted Insomnia could sleep if they so desired, but they don't care to, so they stay up as long as possible, sometimes for days.

A person with SII doesn't necessarily need a reason to stay up. Usually people with this disorder spend their time on the internet, even if there is nothing to do. They'd rather stare at a wall than close their eyes.
Person 1: I never see you log off, do you ever sleep?
Person 2: No, I have Self Inflicted Insomnia.

Person 1: So you can't sleep? That sucks.
Person 2: I just don't want to, plus my cat is making cute faces at me.
by iproxii June 24, 2011
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Johnny suffered from a self-inflicted orgasm. Or rather, he didn't suffer at all.
by inothernews April 7, 2010
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a self-inflicted cumshot is where a male either deliberately or unintentionally ejaculates into his own face.
1.) troy was masturbating at his computer when all of the sudden he received a self-inflicted cumshot when he nut in his eye.

2.) tucker was fucking a chick doggie style when his dick slipped out and ended up nestled between her ass cheeks right before climax; when he looked down, he nut right in his own eye.
by devouthorse November 24, 2008
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