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Wendy is the most beautiful girl on the planet, both inside and out. If you're lucky enough to have her in your life, you'll never have a bad day. Once you meet her you can never go back, because no one could ever compare. She has an amazing heart and it shines with every word she says and it makes you fall more in love with her each and every day. Wendy is amazing, and anyone that gets to come in contact with her, even if only for a moment, is the luckiest person on Earth because they got to meet an angel, my angel :)
Wendy is amazing
by Mattyfatty24 January 30, 2012
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A beautiful, free spirited angel , with compassion and kindness for those who are close to heart . She carries her spirit on a storm like a hurricane.
Wendy craved the silence in her heart that she could share it with others.
by SKY eyes January 17, 2017
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a good fast food restaurant where unlike mcdonalds their nuggets actually resemble chicken.
wanna go to mcdonalds and get some burgers?

no fuck mcdonalds wendys is where it's at.
by online handle August 28, 2006
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The female of a small group of friends in which the rest are usually male. Stems from the first Wendy from Peter Pan in which the Lost Boys needed a chick to take care of them, but one that would fit in. A wendy nowadays is usually the chick hanging out with all the guys in that same fashion. Every guy group usually has one.
"Dude, that chick's hot."

"Yeah, but she's our wendy."
by meowmixissexy June 21, 2009
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A Wendy is someone who is nice and sweet but not afraid to speak her mind. She is often bearer of bad news. Everyone likes a Wendy! She does not have to be the center of attention and appears to be quiet and shy. Now if you get on the bad side of a Wendy, she will not hesitate to take you down a notch. So I don't advise it. Everyone will be on her side and you will be OUT!
Wendy is nice until you want to be on her tennis team!
by Tennis Bud February 16, 2010
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