something that you'll never have if you keep looking on this site.
Andrew: "Hey, did you hear about Anthony getting a girlfriend?
Tyler: "What the fuck is a girlfriend"
by Quack3rs November 1, 2019
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If you're looking this up you know very well a girlfriend is a extremely rare, legendary creature you, me, and all us boys long to find. A lucky few manage to find one, and very few times does he succeed to befriend her. Those who can't find one wither from this world, but fortunately, a cure to not having one exists. (see "memes")

Although memes provide happiness, we all know deep down that a void of darkness inside us intends to pull our skulls out through our nose holes to tell us what is true, the reality, and, unfortunately, that darkness is right.

So, good luck on your journey to get a Girlfriend. It's your choice. Accept the truth, or fight it.
Me: I'll get a girlfriend eventually.
The Void: Hey shitass, look up your name on Urban Dictionary. I put one up that reads "you're a fucking dipshit who'll die depressed and poor."

Me: (proceeds to need help for homework on Shakespeare, and turns to Urban dictionary, who manages to put the world's most boring man into an erotic fantasy)
by an existant of this planet January 6, 2021
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A female who means the world to you. Someone who you love, would die for, and would do anything just so they could smile. If she is feeling sad, so will you. Vice versa if she's happy. You must treat this person right, respectfully with allot of love and care.
I cannot wait till I can see my girlfriend this weekend!
by Superjj9930 May 6, 2015
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What you dont have
I wish i had a girlfriend instead of looking for it here
by LALALAND-america- January 8, 2021
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A girlfriend is something that everyone wish to have.
Its something that keeps you going when everything looks skata, when the sky is cloudy.
Its also something that you wanna hug and kiss all the time and make love too.
Its what makes you worry about , what makes you cry and smile and hope and dream.
You wanna die everytime you make it sad or cry and wanna kill yourself for not beign there when she needs you.
Its something that makes you wanna be a better man just so you can make her happy
Its something great and priceless and delicious and warm.
by Manthukos January 21, 2009
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(n): a woman who turns your world upside down. She always knows when you need her and will not stop loving you if you make a mistake. She deserves everything you can give her and you love her unconditionally. Your girlfriend should be cared for properly. You should never be afraid to go to the store and get her tampons, and when she is upset, you must do everything in your power to make her feel loved. Your girlfriend may be difficult at times but it will always be worth it to be with her through thick and thin.
My girlfriend is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
by Weirdoshaveshavedcats March 31, 2018
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The most amazing thing that can happen to a guy. She can make him feel strong enough to do anything. The one person that you should value over every other thing. You must protect her for she is the most special thing that could ever happen to you.
Guy:She's my girlfriend and if you touch her I'll kick your ass!!!!
Jackass: Fine I'll leave the whore alone.
The guy then jumps on the Jackass and beats the fuck out of him.
by lev1234567 June 22, 2009
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