APCO 10-code for "I understand your transmission"
Fairfax to car 459, we've got a 10-50 on 95 south of exit 150

by IrishRepublicanArmy May 24, 2004
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10-4 means "OK," "understood," and "affirmative." Commonly known as CB radio lingo, originating from the need for brevity in radio transmission.
me--"Is anyone there?"
respondent--" 10-4"(to indicate presence).

me--"Let's roll."
respondent--"10-4"(to indicate agreement).
by Mis2y September 21, 2006
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“Are you pulling in at the next truckstop?” “That's a big 10-4 on that.”
by Delbosco October 10, 2021
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This is Romeo 1 to all units we have got 3 vehicles sighted at Heroin Processing, Over.
This is Kilo 2 10-4 On last, responding now, over.
by Legpain August 27, 2017
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A term used in police pursuits meaning, "Understood".
"Attention all patrolling units, we have had numerous reports of a high speed street racer on the 192 East."
"Uh, have you got any more info on this call?"
"Driver is currently in a black Atom 500."
"10-4, copy that. I'll be on the lookout for this guy."
by Mitcho2001 January 20, 2016
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A girl who is a 10 from far away but a 4 from up close.
"That girl over there is hot!"

"Here she comes.."

"Wait...nope...we got ourselves another 10-4."
by gdub205 October 19, 2006
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