The vicar gave the choir boy such a RODGERING that the poor boy could not sit down for a week.
by lowdown November 18, 2004
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rodgering a woman's vagina vigorously with one's penis untill ejaculation is achieved upon which point withdrawal is recommended
by jeffrey the pervert December 9, 2004
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A British word, useful at dinner parties, quite simply, to have sex.
Darling, I can tell by the way you're walking that you require a good rodgering.
by Richard Curran June 23, 2006
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The act of inserting a rod-shaped appendage into an enclosed space, usually done repetetively.
Byron gave Sally a good rodgering after dinner as a thankful gesture for the delicious meal.
by MrRodgers June 28, 2010
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bad ass mofo whom one does not want to f with. a charasmatic smile and devilish grim make way for a severe ass whooping if you do not do as you are told. one who believes in a diferent body could arouse a mans intentions but does not know she already does with the one she has. a hardening of the penis to an almost explosive state.
you straight up got rodgers punk

keep dancing like that im almost at a rodgers
by knightdemon July 11, 2011
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I love to have rodger.
by mamma jamma 51 November 17, 2009
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Derived from an urgent need for a code word.

After spending 24 hours partying in an abandoned casino, a group of post apocalyptic neon cult free party legends were winding down and whilst consuming ketamine in a shared household. A quick code word was needed to not arris any suspicion.

Rodger was born.

Rodger = ketamine
Have you seen Rodger? - can I buy some ketamine.

Get absolutely Rodgered - Experience a K Hole

“Fancy a key?...”

“Rodger that”
by JonySmoke? August 20, 2019
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