A word used to describe someone very, very drunk.

See also wasted, hammered, sloshed, pissed, tanked, ad infinitum.
"Woah, that guy is seriously rendered!"
by El Duque June 18, 2004
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The act of pulling out at the last minute and covering your partner with your 'love custard'.
I got rendered by Robbers last night. At the last minute he pulled out and spaffed all over my arse!
by gazbaz100 May 30, 2006
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A Band defined by Rock and Industrial genera as well as Electronica, Heavy Alternative tendencies.

Renderic sounds something in between NIN, Depeche Mode and the Cure.
by Renderic July 28, 2008
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Using Software/Hardware to display a image created by a program
Could you render that CGI out for me?
by red*fox November 07, 2003
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to savagely fuck somebody up
Jimmy - Yo your moms a whore
Anquan - Fuck U nigga, ill render you right now
Jimmy - Chill bro
by KingKoopster April 18, 2013
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In 3D Computer Graphics, creating an image (usually bitmap/pixel based) from a 3D virtual construction (a model) by calculating the way lights and other factors will affect the model in question.
Take out the area lighting and the scene will render a lot faster.
by MichaelMick June 17, 2005
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To leave in a certain state, usually a negative one.
Quincy was rendered helpless after the quick lassoing by Darren.
by Diggity Monkeez April 24, 2005
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