when some one or thing can not contain their feelings(or has no self control in a good way)and just explodes into motion, art, sports, or talk, which would include:screaming, shouting, yelling, talking so fast people cant understand you, talking about nothing that makes any sense, or stringing together word that don't mean anything.
That person is so energetic that he is screaming and playing soccer!

When he's energetic, we can't understand what he says anymore.
by gabriel belluscio March 30, 2008
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A student who goes beyond the requirements of a lecture and solves proofs or other example that the professor skips over in lecture.
Student: "Dr. Arnold, could you explain how we go from omega to gamma?"

Prof.: "I will leave that to the energetic student."
by Big Jay Mr. MSR May 10, 2012
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An energetic hangover is a hangover stemming from energy drinks and alcohol.
Simon: I had the best energetic hangover last night. I was high as a kite and then I was so depressed and manic at the same time. It was so rad!
Simon's mom: Never do that again!
by PWS27 August 10, 2017
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We each have a default emotion. You know people you would describe as a pissed off individual, or negative, or sad, depressed, or really happy all the time. Let’s call this their default emotion.

Emotions have a vibrational frequency that radiate out from a person, which is why people ‘feel’ good or bad to you before you even touch them.

A person’s live cells carry their frequency and you might want to think about the quality of the DNA you are taking on by exchanging energy through sexuality and bodily fluids.
After a classroom empties out, hours later you can still feel the Energetic Imprint of the Students that have long since left the room.

After hugging a relative goodbye at the Airport you can still feel their Energetic Imprint on you and in you.
by Vagina Worthy April 15, 2009
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A person who cuts themselves who you catapult into the woods to hope they get stepped on by a moose on CRACK COCAINE who FUKS UR COUCH.

Stands for emo.
Khiel: I hate life cuz i plai wow/gw. (//_;)
Finneh: OMFGTFO? *Catapults into woods*
Khiel: wtf. ;.;

by Finneh October 11, 2007
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Take something apart in very short order usually reducing said thing to fragments, by use of large quantities of energy often provided by rapid oxidation.
To paraphrase Nick Harper: Upon involuntary receipt of ordnance equipment resulting in energetic disassembly from friendly fire, Johnny is terminally inconvenienced and rendered non-viable.
by Sochist May 31, 2018
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