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the one person you can really share everything with and who will be there through the good, the bad and the fucking excellent - notjust significant other, but essential.
by Pete May 07, 2003

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to mock someone
"He's taking the piss out of you"
by Pete January 20, 2004

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A penis which is enormous in size
"dude did see that girl with peter?" "yea, she wants him because he's got a big slong" "man i wish i had his slong"
by pete March 11, 2004

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When your girl is on all fours and your doing her doggystyle, knock her arms out from under her and ride her off the side of the bed.
"hey Heather, wanna go snowmobiling later on? it'll be losts of fun"
by Pete September 03, 2003

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a band who with a kick ass moogist. best known for the song "my favorite accident" or "the future freaks me out"
Oh man i just went to that motion city soundtrack show and creamed my pants
by pete December 15, 2003

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This is a phrase largely equivilent to fucked up or screwed up. It roughly means "in a state of disarray" and is commonly used in the phrase "to jack someone/something up". In some cases, the meaning may be slightly altered by the fact that to get "jacked" can mean to be struck or injured.
That's jacked up man. I can't belive your girlfriend is cheating on you.

I got in a wreck last night. My car got totally jacked up.
by pete August 12, 2004

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Seeing the vagina from the butt
While doing it doggie style Pete yells out, "NICE BAGINA"!
by Pete June 05, 2003

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