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When one jizzes on a table or flat surface and snorts it up his nostrils like cocaine.
My parents were coming home soon and i didnt want to get caught so i pulled a gnarly steve.
This kid was so drunk we made him gnarly steve my cum.
Some girls are so slutty and kinky they will ove to gnarly steve.
by Pete March 18, 2004
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delays album. Released 5th April in the UK.
You really should buy this great album when it comes out.
by Pete March 7, 2004
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Something pretty unpleasant and guaranteed to spoil a date. Some strange little seals and a rodent creature also sing about this on www.rathergood.com Can you feel it baby!
I experienced some anal seepage, and had to make excuses to leave incase my date smelt anything funny.
by Pete November 2, 2004
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A truly awesome structure, it will flourish despite the best efforts of the bar staff.
John: "Tower!"
Gaz: "Tower!"
Ste: "Tower!"
Pete: (in floods of tears) "No, no, no, I've got to take it back to the bar.
by Pete January 25, 2005
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annoying bitch, that say one thing and doesnt mean it
she is trifeling she says one thing and means another, she just needs to shut the fuck up, not down with the shitkaboo
by Pete April 10, 2005
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Person one : Hey did u get into avon?
Person two : No, im goin to tp instead.
by Pete April 20, 2005
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