1. A military unit consisting of armored fighting vehicles.

2. Protective covering made of metal and used in combat.

3. Tough more-or-less rigid protective covering of an animal or plant.

1. Equip with armour
by clutz1988 May 16, 2008
homeless lady: "Will you come for me one day in your armour and with your sword?"
by Bad Translator March 30, 2019
A name - Armour is an aspiring up and coming sex icon. Armour is beloved by all and is associated with Johnny Sins by his peers due to being so well endowed. All the girls flock to him when he walks within a 10 mile radius of them. Watch out when this sexy beast is around, he might just steal your girl. Armour is also known to be funny enough to out-joke Dave Chapelle. He does all this while also being known for treating all with respect and kindness.
Hey, did you hear about that new kid Armour, i heard he took John's girl with one glance her way.
by Ruomra December 6, 2021
Someone or something that has super powers and armor at the same time.
The armoured pandas are cute, yet they scare me.
by SullyPlays June 18, 2016
An invisible protective aura that prevents one from feeling any pain whilst shitfaced.
Drink a case then walk into a lamppost to find out for yourself.
by DeDLoK March 7, 2005
Tight fitting clothing to keep your ass warm in cold conditions, or cold in warm conditions
Under Armour (UA) Cold Gear keeps you warm, UA Warm Gear keeps you cold, UA All Season keeps you cold and warm
by Skare October 21, 2005
The state of inebriation where one can be part of serious accidents, and emerge unscathed. This is because when inebriated the body does not tense-up in critical situations, and thus avoids injury.
Person 1: "Max wiped out on the stairs last night, it was brutal!"
Person 2: "Did he have to go to the hospital?"
Person 1: "Naw, he was wearing his Drunk Armour"
by Penix January 19, 2009