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A chunk of snot with a certain viscosity or consistency which makes it able to be spit long distances.
I just hucked a lugie on the window and it's really hanging in there...
by Urban Dictionary December 3, 2008
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something that's cool...sorta. Other people do it too, its nothing special. Said when you really don't care.
P1:DUDE! I just saw Kill Bill!
P2: Oh. Trendy.
by Urban Dictionary October 22, 2003
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1) Cute, talented, intelligent artist who died a bit too young.
2) Jeane-Harlow-like actress/singer/model.
3) The best body ever!
4) Intelligent high-school droput
"Idiots these days all try to look like Marilyn."

"Andy Warhol's shot Marilyns are a result of an idiot."
by Urban Dictionary July 12, 2004
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another persons smart-attiude. There words that are totally uncalled for and are making them look like a butchi. See bitchi for more.
Guy - Shut up before I smack you, slut.
Guy (2) - I don't want you guff, slut. Shut the hell up.
by Urban Dictionary April 23, 2003
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A really bad hard rock/metal/emo magazine and TV channel for 14 year old imbeciles. Slipknot and Green Day are on the cover every other week and the English used in the reviews is equivalent to that of a 7 year old retarded Mexicans. The music channel plays emo crap day in and day out and almost NEVER changes the play list. Slipknot and Linkin Park are on about once every 12 minutes.
Kerrang is the worst of all British music channels.
by Urban Dictionary September 30, 2005
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Flux Of Pink Indians were a popular anarcho-punk band that originated in the 1980's, and were signed to Crass records, the record label of influential anarhco-punk band Crass. Flux Of Pink Indians played with the likes of Crass, Anthrax (UK), Conflict, and the early Chumbawumba.
Flux Of Pink Indians sure are great!
by Urban Dictionary November 28, 2005
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A response used when someone says something stupid or when somebody tries you.
"I want you to eat me out". The guy responds, "Bitch please".
by Urban Dictionary January 26, 2004
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