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1. When you're in time-out or have to pay a fine or something

2. An AltRight/AltLite meme slang term used to describe someone who is punished for the cause -- banned from social media, forced to stay silent by political correctness, forced to do something contrary to your actual beliefs, or even renounce your own movement to keep your job.
2. "Why do all these guys have 'Punished' in their names on Twitter?"

"Because those aren't their first accounts."

"Cool, where's the original?"

Account suspended.
by lolconservative August 22, 2017
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a. to be fucked from an alcoholic beverage
b. to be striaght bafugly (butt fuckin ugly)
c. to be smacked
d.your on your ass i was straight punished last night
b. Sam Erskins is straight punished and smells like sour cream.
c. the bob i smoked last night got us all punished
d ha your punished as fell
by Brittney August 26, 2003
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