The point at which canabis becomes totally exhausted, reduced totally to ash. See cashed.
Dude, I'm just getting hot air, this bowl is kicked.
by Teh Pope March 20, 2005
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To be done, or cashed. Usually associated with nuggets.
Dude that bowl is as kicked as tylers anus
by J dub October 6, 2003
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To be finished or have nothing left.
This keg is kicked. This bottle is kicked. This party is kicked.
by Travis January 12, 2005
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(v.) To be forcibly excluded from internet chat.
KUNGfuJesus: you are sooo gay
ADMIN: Kungfujesus kicked.
by Gumba Gumba May 28, 2004
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To describe a girl that is trashy, that has a face that looks as though it had been through a kicking
Damn that girl is so kicked... get it away... Double up the baggage on it
by Floresent freak September 6, 2003
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Having extremely bad luck or descibing something really ugly, as if it had been kicked.
Damn, that girls teeth are kicked. OR Dude, Im so kicked, I just lost my job at MacDonalds and my Camaro needs new wheels.
by BobbyWong August 25, 2007
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Pronounced "kick-ed"; coined in the series "Cry Yourself to Sleep", a video on the popular website YouTube. Used as a single verb with an accent on the "-ed" and usually no direct object
Well Ryan was angry so he kicked.
You have no reason to kicked.
by ‡ Lazarus Inmedius ‡ June 19, 2008
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