1. To Finish or consume something.
2. To fuck someone.
3. To bash someone.
4. To beat someone at something.
5. To complete something.
1. "Are you going to punish the rest of that 40'oz or what?"
"I already punished a bottle of Old Crow Bourbon and dumped three pills. I'm off my guts, fuck you."
2. "I'd love to punish that little number."
3. "I'm gunna punish that cunt if he try's to step up."
4. "I punished him in a game of 'bones'."
5. "We punished most of the work yesterday, today we just need to punish the Cash Flow Statement and other GPFR's."
by Diego September 11, 2003
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1) To defecate in a very forceful manner.
2) To defecate so much in the toilet, it is effectively "destroyed."
3) A violent, sometimes painful expelling of fecal matter, prone to leaving splatter marks in the bowl and/or on the underside of the seat of one's toilet.
Cartman: "I'm going to the bathroom!"
Kyle: "Dude, he's totally punishing your toilet!"
by Goro2k February 22, 2008
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nigga 1: yo, did u see the fight today at lunch?
nigga 2: yeah son, she punished that gurls lil ass!
by Lakeisha April 28, 2003
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1) to have studied really hard, to hit the books
2) to ace a test or exam
A: Did you read? B: Sha, I was up all night punishing!

A: Yo, did you hear about Kiara? B: What, that she punished the chemistry?
by Vâye November 14, 2003
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1. (n) a mispronounced word, often given a different meaning than the normal pronounciation

2. (n) the act of mispronouncing a word in the asumption that the word means something other than its normal meaning

3. (v) to perform (2) or create (1) a punish; -ed, -ing
"Why do you have punish (poon-ish) writen on your hand? What does it mean?" "It's not punish (poon-ish), it's punish (pun-ish)."
by Paul Cash August 25, 2004
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To describe an unattractive girl.
"That girl is such a punish"
"There is so much punish around here" (Used to describe a group of unattractive girls.
by Thos101 July 15, 2006
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