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you take two old retarded women and a cup. You punch both ladies in their cooters. You put the cup under them. When you punch the first retard, her crusties fall into the cup. You punch the second retard in the same place and her fluids fall out into the cup. Then enjoy!!!
I enjoyed the nachos and cheese.
by Joe March 24, 2005
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ten pound note, so called because it has a picture of charles dickens on it boyeee!
by Joe September 23, 2004
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Drink enough beer then you look at homeless people and say that's going to be me tonight.hi me.
by Joe April 16, 2003
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a badass game for PC that has the best physics engine ever. i do wish that all of you jackasses would quit compairing it to halo 2. those two games are in completely seperate realms of each other. PC's and consoles are totally different. both games are great in their own right, but trying to compare the two is like saying that a certain book is better than a completely different movie. thats fucking retarded.
you can get it at walmart or anyplace that sells video games
by Joe January 29, 2005
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n. Poop. Usu. used with the phrase "pop a grimper"
After those seven layer burritos, I had to pop a serious grimper.
by Joe May 8, 2005
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A person who has done something stupid and needs mocking
'Ha Derek got hit by a train, what a spoon dexter'
by Joe July 2, 2004
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